Boar Hair: A Time-Tested Alternative to Badger for Daily Shaving

The bleached bristles used for Mondial 1908 boar brushes are first boiled at high temperature to remove bacteria and pathogens and then put through a bleaching process that far surpasses the industry standard, giving the bristle a whiter appearance and removes the 'funk' often associated with boar brushes from competitors.

Pro Shaving Brush with Matte Aluminum Handle & Pure Bristle

Pro Shaving Brush with Matte Aluminum Handle & Pure Bristle

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A 2023 'Best Of' Selection as Best Boar Brush!

Hand-assembled professional use shaving brushes from Antica Barberia feature large, precision-milled aluminum handles mated with a premium extra-large knot built for longevity and durability.

The first quality pure boar bristle used for this brush provides a firm massaging action and is bleached for greater shine. Its color gives it a distinct appearance in contrast with the brushed aluminum base featuring the Antica Barberia Mondial logo as a mark of its excellence. Also suitable for the home user.


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