Shaving Razors from Mondial 1908

Enhance Your Daily Shaving Routine with a Fine Shaving Instrument

Cartridge Razor Handles

These hand-assembled cartridge razor handles are available in versions compatible with Fusion or Mach3 cartridges and handles of precious wood, resin or metal.


Double Edge Safety Razors

Our traditional double-edge stainless steel safety razor head with a scalloped bar is fastened to the shaft by hand and accepts most blades.

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A Must Have for the Minimalist Traveler: Mini Travel Razors & Tuscan Leather Case

Wet Shaving Sets and Valet Stands

The Spheara Set

Deluxe shaving set crafted from precious wengé wood & individually finished by hand. Complete with brush & razor.

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The Prestige Collection

Wengé wood razors, brushes and stands shaped by classic shaving design and crowned with a chrome ring.

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Razor & Brush Sets and Stands

Organize and display your shaving kit with stands in a chrome finish or complete 3-piece sets.

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