Enhance Your Daily Shaving Routine with a Fine Shaving Instrument

Mondial 1908 straight razors marry a top quality blade made in Solingen, Germany with one piece scales handcrafted from a single piece of precious wood or natural ox horn.

It is the choice of those who have mastered the craft and desire the ultimate control and precision as they shave. 

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Maintain Your Razor with Our Premium Leather Strop

Double-Sided Leather Razor Strop with Handle

Double-Sided Leather Razor Strop with Handle

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Professional graded double-sided strop with Juchten leather cowhide on one side and chromium oxide on the other. The integrated handle makes for easy handling while sharpening and honing your straight razor.



Wet Shaving Sets and Valet Stands

The Spheara Set

Deluxe shaving set crafted from precious wengé wood & individually finished by hand. Complete with brush & razor.

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The Prestige Collection

Wengé wood razors, brushes and stands shaped by classic shaving design and crowned with a chrome ring.

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Razor + Brush Stands

Organize and display your shaving kit with stands in a chrome finish or complete 3-piece sets.

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