The Standard Against Which All Are Measured: Genuine Badger

High Mountain Badger

Rarest and best badger in the world and rarely found on the market. It has an extraordinary white on top of the hair with a clear marked dark band. (Shown: Lancaster Collection)

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Silvertip Badger

Hair of the most precious quality, distinguished by its particularly white color with a wonderful black shade that enhances the silver top. (Shown: Bolton Collection)

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Super Badger

An excellent quality of light colour badger with a good shade of dark band but less whiteness and marked band than Silvertip. (Shown: Heritage Collection)

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Best Badger

A high quality, natural grey color badger with slightly less flexibility than Super Badger and less distinctive band. (Shown: Luxury Collection)

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The 'Prestige' Collection: An Exquisite Marriage of Badger & Wengé Wood