How to Shave the Sustainable Way, Part 3: Before & After the Shave

How to Shave the Sustainable Way, Part 3: Before & After the Shave

In the final installment of our look at how to shave in a way that reduces your environmental footprint, we take a look at the products you use before and after the shave and compare those to the conventional mass market choices.

In the end, you'll see that it is clear that a shaving routine using a double edge safety razor, a shaving brush and lathering bowl with a non-aerosol, naturally formulated shaving cream that can be easily be refilled is the best way to make a daily difference in shrinking your impact on the planet. 

Eco-Friendly & All-Natural Shaving Creams

Another overlooked aspect of finding a more sustainable shaving routine is in the type of shaving cream used for your daily shave. 

For decades, the default choice has been foams or gels packed in aerosol canisters. Convenient? Sure. Cheap? Definitely. Full of artificial lubricants and surfactants? Affirmative. Good for the environment? Absolutely not.

Conventional shaving creams and gels often come with unwanted chemicals and overpowering synthetic chemical fragrances, making them a poor choice for an eco-friendly shaving routine and for your skin. 

Plus the use of aerosol propellants adds a significant amount to their environmental footprint. In some jurisdictions, cans using aerosol propellants still require special disposal. The California Air Resources Board takes it a step further and requires aerosol shaving creams and gels to carry special labels warning of their environmental impact and flammability.

Plus, if you have ever used one, you know that they are notorious for leaking product from the nozzle afterwards, making a mess of the cap and the side of the can - and don't forget the rust ring from the bottom of the can. Yet, despite these problems, aerosol shave preps account for around 90% of sales in the United States.

Is There a Natural Alternative to Aerosol Shaving Cream?

Yes! A shaving cream like our Mondial 1908 Ancient Recipe Shaving Creams are a smart alternative to these wasteful aerosol products. The creams are formulated using highly select plant and vegetable-derived natural ingredients and contain no dyes, preservatives or artificial lubricants. They are packed in a refillable wooden lathering bowl, that can be refilled with new solid cream pucks packaged in fully-recyclable cardboard boxes.

The key ingredient is ‘cocos nucifera oil’ - or coconut oil - derived from dried coconut fruit which has been proven for centuries to reduce inflammation and provide moisture to the skin. Compare that to the harsh, soap-based formulations of aerosol foams and gels which often leaves skin dry and tight.

Naturally Formulated Aftershave Options

Aftershave can be one of the trickiest parts of an eco-friendly shaving routine, as many mass-market options contain a lot of unwanted chemicals and synthetic fragrance as well. 

Once again, Mondial 1908 has a natural alternative with the aftershave gels in our Exclusive Fragrance Collection. Not only do they provide post-shave relief and skin conditioning, but they also have top-quality fragrances as well!

Our aftershave formulation is based on two proven ingredients, long known for their positive skin benefits. 

The first is Witch Hazel is a commonly-found ingredient with many health benefits. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that can help balance your skin’s pH and soothe irritation after shaving. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory, making it a good option for people with sensitive skin.

The second key ingredient is Wheat Germ Oil which contains a high concentration of Vitamin E to provide a strong antioxidant effect for your skin.