'Heritage' Straight Edge Razor with Rosewood Scales
'Heritage' Straight Edge Razor with Rosewood Scales
'Heritage' Straight Edge Razor with Rosewood Scales
'Heritage' Straight Edge Razor with Rosewood Scales

'Heritage' Straight Edge Razor with Rosewood Scales

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The 'Heritage' collection straight razors marry a top quality blade made in Solengen, Germany with a carved one-piece Rosewood handle Made in Italy.

It is the choice of those who have mastered the craft and desire the ultimate control and precision as they shave. 

Rosewood - as its name would indicate - typically features a strong, sweet smell. The wood itself is strong and heavy with a dense core but softer, porous outer layers that allow it to take an excellent polish. As a result, it is frequent choice for shaving brush and razor handles as well as being used for the back and fret boards of acoustic guitars.

Blade specifications:

  • C135 Carbon Steel
  • Round point blade
  • Bulbous half-hollow grind with mirror finish
  • Highly polished shank and profiles
  • Requires honing to user's preference

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We create shaving razors with our own hands whose only purpose is to meet whatever standard of excellence you set for your shave whether with modern cartridge, classic double edge or the timeless straight razor.

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