'Sphaera' Safety Razor with Handle in Wengé Wood
'Sphaera' Safety Razor with Handle in Wengé Wood
'Sphaera' Safety Razor with Handle in Wengé Wood.

'Sphaera' Safety Razor with Handle in Wengé Wood

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The 'Sphaera' collection is the centerpiece of Mondial 1908's vision for excellence in men's shaving and grooming product design. The stand, brushes and razors within the collection come from a single strain of wengé wood expertly worked by master craftsmen and treated with a waterproof finish.

Handles of the Sphaera razors feature a tapering dark wood shaft from neck to tip where a rounded chrome end-cap takes the precise shape necessary to perfectly balance its slender form. It is an object of true artistry.

The double-edge safety razor head is hand fastened to the wood handle and features a closed comb with a scalloped safety bar.

All razors come smartly packaged in our golden orange gift boxes inspired by the Florentine sunset over the River Arno.

Knot Size

Small  18 mm
Medium 20 mm
Medium-Large 21.5 mm
Large 22.5 mm
XL 24.5 mm
XXL 26 mm

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Crafted from Precious Wengé Wood & Individually Finished by Hand

A single strain of wenge wood, expertly worked in every detail by master craftsmen, fits perfectly with the fine Mondial bristle tufts in a unique and exclusive design set. The minimal, but extremely elegant forms of Sphaera, make this product unique and appreciated worldwide for its great aesthetic value.

The pure forms and voids of this set combine cleverly in a report of suspensions which ensures the fine bristles remain suspended and well ventilated. The elegance and sophistication makes this set an element of contemporary luxury that gives value and sophistication in the bathroom.

The Sphaera Set is made from a single wengé wood log. We personally select the slabs of the best wengé - a very precious wood that requires careful processing. The strong thickness accentuates its absolutely exclusive character.

Each single piece is sanded and finished by hand to respect the value of artisan craftsmanship. The set presents an absolutely natural appearance, but can be used safely with water without any problem thanks to our special finish.

In 2016, Sphaera was recognized with a 'Best Shaving Set Design' award in Sweden

Designed by Suprastudio Arch. Lorenzo Bagnoli of Firenze, Italy

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